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Time has come: the new Hanse 675 is ready to sail. GALLERY

The time has come, the Hanse 675, the new flagship of the HanseYachts AG, floats rigged and ready to sail in the port of Greifswald.

The 32 meter carbon mast reaches into the sky and gives the Hanse 675 her last touch, creating a 21-meter-long high-tech luxury yacht. The Hanse 675 not only breaks the record as the biggest ship ever built by the HanseYachts AG, she is also Germany’s largest yacht build in series production.

With emotion and high-tech, our new queen of the seas embodies the Hanse design philosophy of sensual clarity and modern luxury, an even more avant-garde interior and with fluid exterior lines, a milestone in series yacht building” says Dr. Jens Gerhardt, CEO of HanseYachts AG.

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