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Sail Swag is a sailing-inspired fashion accessories and lifestyle brand. Started in mid-2015 by three sailors from Canada, the brand was inspired by their love of the open water and a passion for sailing. The founders wanted to create a product line that is targeted specifically at sailors but that also appeals to the general public.
Regatta – Coastal Red Bracelet

Sail Swag products combine traditional nautical elements with a clean and simple design, producing a look that will compliment any outfit. Whether you are a passionate sailor, a curious explorer or just want to look stylish at the yacht club, there is something for you that will fit your personal style.

Many of their products are hand-made in Canada using authentic sailing materials that can be found on a yacht. For example, the Regatta collection of bracelets features authentic marine-grade sailing line and a bow shackle.
Cruising Coastal Classic
Cruising Coastal Classic

The Explorer collection of bracelets is made from military-grade paracord with a beautifully clean and simple anchor charm that is curved to fit around your wrist. From the moment you glance at them, because of their obvious connection to yachting materials, the Sail Swag products are meant to remind you of being on a yacht, enjoying the open water.

Currently they sell their products online at www.sailswag.comand can be reached at for any inquires. According to the founders, they are planning to expand the brand and product line in the coming months to include many more accessories.

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